Tradigital Art created by visual artist P Gurgel-Segrillo – original traditional pencil on paper drawings worked digitally into archival quality prints

Tradigital art series were influenced by the great photojournalism masters and their humanity, by the Film Noir directors with their gloomy grays and blacks and whites, with their dark and inhumane side of human nature, emphasizing the brutal, unhealthy, shadowy and dark side of the human experience; and by Cordel literature: the popular and inexpensively printed booklets containing short stories, poems and songs, which are produced and sold by street vendors mainly in the Northeast of Brazil.

They came from the papel volante tradition of Portugal and are usually produced in black and white and illustrated with woodcuts. The cordéis talk about popular day-to-day life concerns and offer a direct insight of the true living conditions of the population and the rituals, superstitions and behaviors adopted in order to cope with life’s trials and tribulations.

The tradigital series #1 was created as a response to ‘I Have the Right’ open call for an exhibit at the PICTURE Art Foundation, Redondo Beach, California.

Artworks were selected from over 800 entries by the PICTURE Art Foundation Board of Directors that illustrate a cultural interpretation of the exhibit theme, Human Rights, including art that addresses: The Right to be Free; from oppression, to choose my leaders, to worship openly, to live in peace and to get an education – The Right to Express Myself; speak freely, be myself and to create – The Right to Dream; anything is possible, war can end, hunger can be eliminated -The Right to Love; myself and the person I choose.

The tradigital art series #2 ‘fallen angels’ was created in response to the works by William Blake.

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity’s sun rise.

~ William Blake

Printed on Hahnemuhle smooth white 100% Rag based paper with archival quality pigment inks, in signed limited editions of 25.

Brazil-born artist P Gurgel-Segrillo’s early years during a dictatorial regime, and its ambience of anxiety, pessimism, and suspicion; then growing up in Rio de Janeiro’s extremely violent society, where human rights violations are commonplace, where wealth and poverty, ethics and violence are constantly intertwining; and later as a migrant in the US and the UK: all impacted deeply her work.

tradigital ART by gurgel-segrillo

Her interests lie on figurative explorations on freedom, cross-cultural identity, womanhood and empowerment. Oppression, repression, abandonment, loneliness, neglect, desertion, despair and other squatters in the dark corners of the human soul, permeate her original pencil drawings which may be unsettling, disturbing even, but most importantly their ‘message’ is recognizably human. They offer to provoke, inspire and prompt reflection on our communality as one human race.

 gurgel-segrillo ~

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tradigital ART by patricia gurgel segrillo

Tradigital art is art (including animation) that combines both traditional and computer-based techniques to create an image. ~ wikipedia

tradigital art: the merging of traditional and digital tools for ART, right to freedom, by artist gurgel-segrillo

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