Figurative explorations on cross-cultural identity, love and womanhood, empowerment and femininity
My drawings have been deeply influenced by the works of latin-american magic realism literature. The fantastical and the mythical, the bizarre and the idiosyncratic are present in every day life – I strive to uncover them in an attempt to provoke, disturb, inspire and, ultimately, celebrate our shared humanity.
 prints series #1

Figurative explorations on love and womanhood, empowerment and femininity.

The beautiful and the harmonious are present in every day life- I strive to uncover them in an attempt to inspire and elate our spirits, even on the most challenging of days.

print series #2

Figurative explorations on cross-cultural identity and womanhood, empowerment and femininity


This drawing series has drawn inspiration from the Afro-Brazilian orixas. They are deities or divinities and are such a great part of Brazilian culture. My deeply personal representations portray them as timeless heroes and sages, inhabitants of the urban landscapes, full of magic and power.

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