orlando bloom, actor, personal colection - woven ring in silver and gold created by patricia gurgel-segrillo

Orlando Bloom and my ring


For a brief period I was fortunate to have the lovely Dianne Willcocks, then the Islington Business Design Centre, exhibition director, representing my contemporary jewellery series in London. I had participated of MODE with DAT Design for two consecutive years; MODE Contemporary Home Show was Dianne’s brainchild – a wonderful platform for new design in London. I was half of DAT Design: a collaboration between myself and the woodworker Garvan McGrane.

“They who share a common interest in re-using and recycling and minimizing wastage. Their designs are inspired by the desire to challenge the preconceived ideas about the use of materials and about balance and symmetry. The pair use aluminium, glass and plywood that can be found anywhere from skips to specialized suppliers. Space-age Kryptonite lamps, curvy Scyscraper CD racks and glass Water tables exemplify their individual style.”

But coming back to The Ring: through Dianne, a very special (and BIG!) woven ring band I had handcrafted in fine silver and 18ct gold and which was part of the group of pieces D had, ended up in the hands of actor Orlando Bloom via a gallery in Islington, London.

I was back living in Brazil at the time and my jewellery school friend, Antje Guest, sent me a copy of GQ magazine – she had made a bet with her husband that the (slightly blurry) ring in the photo was one of mine.
I was very happy to find many images online of Orlando Bloom which the ring was clearly visible. Antje won the bet all right!

I will be forever grateful for this incredible lucky turn of events, as lots of people got to know my work through several fan sites (a special thank you to Sarah, of The Orlando Bloom Files).

For the many people who asked me: “did you contact him?” yes I did send a few letters to his publicist but no reply… I was aware that at the time he was already receiving hundreds of letters per week.

I’d love to make him another piece, especially because Mr Bloom unfortunately was one of the victims of the infamous Bling Ring, a group of seven teenagers and young adults based in and around Calabasas, California. They robbed the homes of several celebrities over a period believed to have been between October 2008 through August 2009 (wiki).

Did his woven ring get stolen? I would like very much to know!

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