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contemporary jewellery handcrafted - fine silver and gold

The wearable quality of the pieces I design and make is of utmost importance to me- rather than seeing this as a limitation, I welcome it as the universe that helps give shape to my body of work.

I work with fine silver, or as it is also called silver 999. I do not use the more common type, sterling, which is of a lower silver content: 925 parts to 1000. Pure silver is softer, a crucial quality for the main making technique I use: weaving. But weaving with unexpected characteristics I developed through many years.

  • the 1% left in fine silver, or silver 999, consists of naturally occurring impurities, nothing is added.
  • fine silver needs a lot of neglect to tarnish- if kept clean and out of contact with air while stored, i.e. wrapped in a cloth, will not tarnish.
  • most people who believe they are allergic to silver in fact are allergic to other metals mixed in to make sterling, or silver 925. Nickel is the usual culprit. I’ve never known someone to have a reaction from wearing fine silver jewellery. This affirmation is based on 25 years of experience and positive feedback from customers.
  • I also make pieces in fine silver and 18ct gold as I think yellow 18ct gold gives good contrast with silver. I do not use any lower gold, as it is too hard to weave. I can also use red 18ct. I’ve made pieces on commission in red and yellow gold woven together and they looked stunning.

My workshop and art studio is now accepting commissions for contemporary jewellery in fine silver and gold ~ to arrange a visit, please contact:

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