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my contemporary jewelllery series now at Designworks, Cork City

I work with fine silver. Its softness is a crucial quality needed for the main technique I developed throughout 25 years of jewellery-making: weaving. With unexpected characteristics- no weave is the same.

The weaving process itself feels very much like a search, intrinsically born of the state I am in. A good state would be one through which I allow the weaving to flow and grow ‘inevitably ‘… Into unique wearable art pieces that will never be repeated, as they reflect that specific moment, each moment manifesting itself, treasured in its uniqueness, revealing itself to my wonder of the here and now.

My contemporary jewellery series in fine silver and 18ct gold

NOW in Cork City

just around the corner, or river bend, from where I live: at this fantastic gallery/studio… YES a gallery with a fully working jewellery workshop on site! lovely to see!

plus a cozy, friendly atmosphere to go with it  :-)

designworks studio – patricia-gurgel-segrillo

Designworks, Cornmarket Street, Cork City, Ireland
T. +353 (0)21 4279420

woven contemporary jewellery - loop earrings handmade in rose gold

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